It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Well, not quite yet…but soon.

We are approaching our 2023-2024 holiday lighting season and our Elf Squad has begun installs.  Any of our early re-installs receive free service calls through October 31st.  

We are excited to get you Lit Up! 


We will begin working by geographical area.  Lights can be installed in advance and turned on at a later time.  Just switch that solar timer over to the ‘on’ position or plug them in and voila!

If you are having roof or gutters replaced, please let us know so we can postpone install until work is completed.  75% of payment is required at the time of install.  We accept check, Venmo, Cashapp, and PayPal.  Please let us know your preferred method of payment.  We will call/text to inform you when we may be working in your area. 

Unpaid balances:

Any previous unpaid balances will need to be paid prior to installation as we will not have you on our schedule until that is received. 

Looking to add to your theme?

If you are hoping to add to your theme, please reach out so we can prepare for those upgrades now and/or try to source materials and decorations in hopes of it arriving in time for the season.

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support of our small business.  We appreciate you and look forward to working with you again this season! 

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